Flowers…and more flowers

I always loved painting flowersimageimageimage Sometimes from life and sometimes from imagination.


My Artwork…

I work in different mediums but I mostly enjoy painting.image image

I like to mix mediums too sometimes.

Paintings of colourful fowers..

These paintings are gouache and I did them from photos I took in Hyde park. In the Spring the parks in London are full of lovely flowers and I love to walk there and photo the flowers. Hyde park is big so there is a sense of freedom there.imageimageimage I also buy flowers when they are reduced in price.
I got some lovely flowers the other day and they look and smell divine.


My Logos….

These are logos I was asked to create. I’ve always been able to draw quickly. When I was at art college I did fashion design for a while and I liked doing quick sketches of figures that I saw in fashion magazines. I also loved drawing with charcoal as it can be done very freely. I prefer to use materials that aren’t restrictive.imageimageimage These are done with felt tips and then I took photos with an iPad. I  worked in schools for many years and would draw pictures for the children and its great to be able to be creative and to feel so relaxed when I work.

more flowers…

I did these pictures on canvas using felt tip pens sometimes I think its great to use materials that seem unusual together I love bright colours and felt tips come in bright colours with lots of variations in colour. I can draw and then colour in the drawing.I did textile design so I like patterns too.imageimageimage these are mixes of flowers that i enjoyed creating. I feel very happy when I am creating a picture and its very satisfying
to see the final picture.

My paintings…the seasons

I love painting these were painted recentl. I was thinking about the changing seasons. I love using big brushes and working on large canvases. I use gouache paint as oils take so long to dry but i would love to use oils for a while

imageimageimage I painted portraits for five years and also I’ve concentrated on mastering watercolours for two years. I work from imagination and photos. I walk around London and Dublin and Greece taking photos.

Restoring art..

Advances in innovation has meant that paintings which were damaged over time can now be restored by a method that means theses wonderful art works can be enjoyed by future generations

mechanical arms can perform surgery

the words on ancient manuscripts that were indisipherable can now be read



gardens are great in the summer for lovely get togethers with your dearest friends

sharing food and good times can be one of lifes greatest joys

the sun shining down and the food sizzling on the barbie

we can look forward in these chilly days to that at least

Image result for cartoons of bar b ques



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