if i had a garden i would grow vegetables and food so that i didnt need to buy it in shops

tasty and free of pesticides and the chemicals required to keep these products from rotting

also lots of flowers…….


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Best film

The best film I saw in the last few years was an adaptation of a novel by Thomas hardy

far from the madding crowd

i like Carey mulligan and I thought it was wonderful

it was very beautiful and poignant

I love …

Will Ferrell is fantastic.

everything he does is funny because of him

i love his films

he is great at taking on characters and really being convincing and funny

I never saw anything of his I didn’t like


I saw am early film with Lindsey lohan

it was great

shes a good actress

I like her

it was sad but happy too and funny

she is clever


I watched a part of a film at the weekend that I got from my TV package

i thought it might have a good story and some interesting characters

but it was so violent I was actually feeling quite ill after an hour

i don’t mind some punch ups

they are pretty good fun

but blood even if it is ketchup can be tedious and gratuitous in equal measures

i won’t say what it was as to be honest I mainly chose it due to the hunky male lead

but even his lovely face wasn’t enough to redeem this film

nil point


In quantum physics it says the universe is made up of particles and waves

i can understand it being made up of particles but waves don’t make so much sense

i suppose maybe the particles form waves?

there must be some movement involved

i will have to read more


Shakespeare’s sonnets…

A book of Shakespeare’s sonnets is lovely for travelling on the tube

reading afew between stops is a great way to pass the time

also reading platos

thoughts and deciding if I agree or not is interesting.


My fav sports to watch are rugby and cricket

i love rugby as it’s so exciting

cricket is really good as it can be so great to see a great bowler or some good catches in a match

i prefer sports on TV to anything now as they are actually talented instead of the usual

I like football as it’s skilful too


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