AI grows….

Research in AI will grow hugely over the next five years. After which it will focus on a core of technologies.

Intel, known mainly as a chip maker is adding AI capabilities to Intel-based hardware.

One of the areas it’s focused on is self-driving cars.

robots have feelings too….

I’ve done a lot of reading around the subject of AI. i drew these robots and thought of humourous things they might say. i love the way man is making use of technology to improve so many parts of life.


I┬áthink that the fears surrounding AI are really exaggerated and that the developments are really wonderful – especially in the medical world.

Friendly robots..

If you want a robot to join your family it’s now possible..

These robots are also used to welcomeeople into shops

they are designed to look like little friendly creatures that don’t look threatening.

the robots that u see in films causing destruction are not the sort u want to sit down next to at breakfast

More help from robots..

Now also robots can read the facial movements on a person so that their emotions can be read and presumably some sort of help is obtained though I don’t really know pw that is supposed to work?

i assume if they are very upset and in trouble they can be helped??

i wonder how that works?


Intuition in cards…

Now it seems robots are becoming able to play card games that are not a game that is dependent on a situation set out in front of them

but require a certain amount of intuition as there are hidden cards and winning is based on instinct and skill in mastering the opponent.

it is amazing that robots and humans could play cards


Robots can best humans at chess..

now they will be able to win at cards too..

one good thing a robot always has a poker face..

so no contest there…

Ideas for using robots..

There are ideas for using robots for jobs within companies that you would imagine could only be carried out by a person


how can a robot hire or fire a person?

making a decision regarding the suitability of a person for a job position within a particular company depends on the existing workforce the type of person atc

And of course the obvious things like work experience and qualifications

butbthe mac




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