Mince meat…

You can cook it very easily so it is good for fast living

if you need to rush from a to b

especially if you are bungee jumping across europe

and like to give lists of requirements to prospective partners



Is a climber..

all over the hedgerows in Cavan.

Pale creamy yellow and pink in one flower

smells beautiful


Cooking cakes and cupcakes and cheesecakes and cookies is great fun

I like to find new recipes to try

its lovely to see my family enjoy their food

Irish soda

My great grandmother

made soda bread on an open fire..

in a pan with a lid

She would put coals on the lid and then put it in the fire

beautiful bread was made


Eggs are good for protein

poached or boiled scrambled or raw

whatever takes your fancy

chocolate eggs are good too but not so healthy

Breakfast etc

I have porridge for breakfast

i eat Greek salads and potatoes and veg and tinned oily fish

i add olive oil to mybpotatoes

I never eat sweet things now

once I stop something there’s no going back

thats how I roll

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