Flowers in central london…

There are little gardens around central london and often flowers planted outside offices. I like to photograph them if they look good especially if they are vibrant colours. imageimageimage It is nice to see the flowers growing in areas that are dedicated to work and business. I like to see plants as they mean life and energy.
They are not manufactured but natural.



I love flowers and I paint alot of them. I’ve always loved to paint them. I love bright colours and if they also have a good smell that even better. In spring in London the parks come alive with these beautiful flowers.  I can enjoy them and take photos in Hyde park.
imageimageimageAlso I buy them and I have them in my flat and I love that they make me happy to see them and I can photograph and paint them.

Goodbye earth…

Poaching and use of land for food

everything that humans want to live their lives can mean overlooking the beauty and importance of animals like elephants and tigers

animals disappear and people don’t notice

then they are surprised when they discover an animal they are quite familiar with has become extinct


Nature sustains us

we depend on nature for water and clean air.

the places that are being taken over for farming or logging

are areas that were wild and the places where animals live who then are dying out when their homes are gone

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