Too high expectations

If there is an understanding of the limitations of machines

Then they can be very useful

But thinking they can do everything like a human is not really correct

They are not human

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Replacing people with machines

In shops the self service machines can be very frustrating to use

They are meant to increase efficiency but they seem to slow things down quite alot of the time

It is a good example of how an idea doesnt  always work out

Naturally people dont want to lose their jobs

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writing stories

my brother wrote stories and a novel

he is a great writer

i am going to ask him to send me all his writing as i never could read them before

now i really want toImage result for cartoons of books


my poetry..

i learnt alot of poems by heart

also i can remember lines of shakespeare

sometimes i recite them

i love romeo and juliette but i really wish they didnt die.

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sailing stories

i used to sail.

i love to go out on a boat

we fished out at sea when we were kids

we used a mussel as bait and sometimes caught six fish on one line

then we cooked them for tea

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